January 2nd 2022 - Vikings and Packers at Lambeau - Leo Lewis and Darrell Fullington at The Downtowner

MIAMI VIKES President Playing Golf at The Boca Resort with Leo Lewis and Darrell Fullington
Mandeep Sodhi, Neal Sodhi and Leo Lewis at MN Vikings Fan Club Event - South Florida at the Downtowner

Mandeep Sodhi, Neal Sodhi and Leo Lewis

Mandeep, Leo Lewis and Stacy Lewis
Leo Lewis MN Football Legend Ball Signing at The Historic Downtowner Saloon in Fort Lauderdale, FL
December 20th, 2021 - Finance, Fashion and Football Special Event with Mariano Feliciano

December 5th 2021

Executive's Mandeep Sodhi and John Benincasa Laub at MN Vikings fan event December 5th 2021 MIAMI VIKES - Historic Downtowner Saloon Fort Lauderdale

Mandeep Sodhi and John Laub

November 5th 2021 - Mandeep Sodhi, John Benincasa Laub, John P. Contini, Luke Rainbow, Jay Shapiro
December 5th 2021 - Mandeep Sodhi, John Benincasa Laub, John P. Contini, Luke Rainbow, Jay Shapiro

November 7th 2021 Vikings at Baltimore

Jay Parnassa Shapiro - Vikings Fan RC, Roger Craft and Luke Rainbow, President of the MN Vikings Fan Club of South Florida - MIAMI VIKES
MIAMI VIKES - skolvo - MN Vikings Fanclub of South Florida in front of the Yacht
Downtowner Saloon in Fort Lauderdale - The Place where Vikings fans gather

Week 7 - Vikings played Cowboys on Halloween Oct 31, 2021

Minnesota Vikings Halloween Party in Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2021 - 2022 Season at Downtowner Saloon

 Week 6 - Vikings Conquered Panthers 10/17/21

Minnesota Vikings Fan in South Florida - Mandeep Sodhi, John Benincasa Laub, Henry Keizle and more
Jay Parnassa Shapiro Luke Rainbow and the Minnesota Vikings Crew

Week 5 Vikings & Lions at US Bank Stadium

Minnesota Vikings Fan Club Founder Jay Parnassa Shapiro with Natalia Vega and Gordon Scott Venters
Vikings Fans from Miami, FL - Miami Sports Bars with Vikings Game - Historic Downtowner Saloon

Week 4 Browns at US Bank Stadium 10/3/21

John Benincasa Laub - MIAMI VIKES MN Vikings Fans Fort Lauderdale

Mr. and Mrs. John Laub Benincasa & Family with Roxy the Support Dog Hero

nasa legend lou bellamy with luke rainbow

NASA Legend Lou Bellamy with Luke Rainbow

Week 3 Seahawks at US Bank Stadium 9/26/21

Still waiting on some photos for week 3

Week 2 Vikings Cardinals 9/19/2021

luke rainbow and family - die hard vikings fans
The Royal Purple Family - Luke Rainbow, wife Stephanie and family

Skolastica Fest - Vikings Season Opener Party 2021 - 2022 Season

Minnesota Viking Fans South Florida 2021 - 2022 Season Opener Kickoff at Historic Downtowner Saloon

MIAMI VIKES - "Vikings in Valhalla" - Fan Photos - 2020 - 2021 Season

2021 Minnesota Vikings in South Florida

Sunday, January 3rd 2021.  Last Game of the Season at Historic Downtowner Saloon

Roger Craft with Mandeep Sodhi and Jay Shapiro - Minnesota Vikings Committee

Executive Chairman RC (Roger Craft) and Founder Jay Shapiro welcome new member Mandeep Sodhi into the MIAMI VIKES family.  Welcome to Florida Mandeep!  12/13/2020 Vikings Tampa Bay Game

luke rainbow - president of MIAMI VIKES

Luke Rainbow - Our fearless president

South Florida MN Vikings Fans Photos 2019 - 2020 Season

luis ray palomino, marissa cruz, jill kielly, roger craft - RC and the MIAMI VIKES at Historic Downtowner Saloon in Fort Lauderdale.  voted #1 MN Vikings Bar in the nation
MN Vikings Fanclub President Luke Rainbow, RC the owner of the Historic Downtowner Saloon and Jay Shapiro the founder of the South Florida Can Club

December 2019 - President Luke Rainbow, Venue owner RC and Founder Jay Shapiro

September 16th 2018 - Vikings vs Packers at Lambeau 29/29 Final Score 

south florida vikings fans - largest Vikings fan club outside of Minnesota

The Pet Friendly Vikings Fan Club of South Florida - 9/9/2018

2017 - 2018 Photos at Historic Downtowner Saloon

MN Vikings Fans at Historic Downtowner Saloon Ft Lauderdale 2017 Season
MN Vikings Fans in South Florida - Downtowner Saloon 2017 2018 Season

2016 - 2017 PHOTOS

Vikings conquer the Titans in the Season Opener Game - Photos from Champps Ft. Lauderdale

2016 - 2107 Vikings Season Opener Party at Champps in Florida
Jay Shapiro with Jabari Price in Fort Lauderdale,  Accardi Jeep Subaru
MIAMI VIKES founder Jay Shapiro with Jabari Price in the off season

2015 - 2016 PHOTOS 

Champps is the spot for Fort Lauderdale Football. Especially for MN Vikings Fans

11/15/15 Minnesota Vikings Fans in FL Celebrating a HUGE Win over the Raiders - 7 & 2!!!  Skol.....!!!!!!! 

Victory of Chicago. Vikings first win since 2007 over the bears MIAMI VIKES are happy as hell!!!
Minnesota Vikings Fans enjoying the Victory over the Detroit Lions 2015

MIAMI VIKES - Minnesota Vikings Fans watching the game at Champps in Fort Lauderdale.  VICTORY!!!

Last Game of 2014 at Champps Americana - Fort Lauderdale, FL  Vikings Victory over the bears

MN Vikings Fans Fragrance fundraiser for Margi Patton luxury fragrance event at champp's american south florida

Fragrance Fundraiser Event - December 2014 Vikings vs Jets at Home. VICTORY!!!