Skolcial Bloggins is a new page as of October 2016 - this is our online Gossip Column!  Vikings seldom gossip but we figured it would get us more hits to the website and allow us to conquer more fans.... Arggghh,  Skallll!!!
 Good evening, How about those Vikings!! I am a long time Vikings fan and am looking for fellow fans to share an amazing new sports app with. I am a regular at our St Louis Vikings Fan club and we are so looking forward to the launch of this app. Let me explain. The same guys who created the Madden games have created this mobile sports game app that will let you play interactively with a live game. Can you imagine a bar full of Vikings fans playing against each other all while watching the same game?!?! It will be played like this: Prior to the game the app will ask you general questions about the game you are about to watch; which team will get more passing yards, what WR will have the most receiving yards, what team will have the most turnovers, etc... Then during the game you will get alerts and the app will ask you questions about what will happen on the next play; will the kicker make the FG? Will it be blocked? WIll it be wide right? etc... You will get points depending on your answers. The game is going to be released later this month and it will be the most downloaded app in history. If you pre-register now you can get special incentives that will not be available once it is released. Please let me know if you would like to sign up and if any of your members would like to sign up!! Thanks for taking the time to read this, Dan Torgerson 907-952-8986 Here is a short video that shows a little about the app.