Jim Luger 
Valhalla Date: May 15th 2021
Jim Luger joined us at many events. One of our earliest patriots, loyal from the times of Brick House on thru to our current home The Historic Downtowner Saloon.  Jim attended more Viking football events than all other members apart from the founding members, along with his son Jim Luger Jr. who is an accomplished musician playing in many bands.

He entered Valhalla at age 90 as a very VERY Skolworthy individual!!!  He fought against communist forces in North Korea in both the Navy and the Marines!!!  While in the military Luger respected Sargeant Carl Perryman who was a Purple Heart Awarded hero!

Jim was very much a civil rights supporter and made it his point to reach out to people of other races and backgrounds as evidenced by the fact that he invited both Jewish and Black friends and acquaintences to the Lafayette Club as well as the Minneapolis Athletic Club before others would do so!!

Father of 8 children!  Lake Minnetonka Resident!  

Ken Bourke
Valhalla Date: May 15th 2021
     Ken was one of the ORIGINAL founders of MIAMI VIKES!!!  He was there from day ONE!!!  In fact it could be said that he was there even before day one!  Kenny used to hang out with Jay Shapiro and the MN crew at Stonewings on ladies night even before he moved to FL.  Ken was a barber by trade and owned several salons on the University of Minnesota Campus back in the late 1980's.  A boat owner, a biker, a black belt in karate!  A brandy lover!  MOST of all he loved to tell jokes!

He is survived by Kenneth Jr. who has more titles than an encyclopedia!!!